Employment & Volunteers

Career Enquiry

Juliana Village is a long-established not for profit organisation. We offer career opportunities for skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic people within our multi-disciplinary team.
If you would like to be part of our team, please forward your application to

Staff Learning & Development

All staff are trained and experienced in the provision of care, with regular ongoing training and education sessions provided by our Educator as well as external educators.
At Juliana Village, senior staff have responsibility for the management of their own departments supported by the general oversight of the General Manager. Best practice is strengthened through our professional development program and regular research.
Juliana Village employs care staff according to resident assessed needs and carers recruited must have a minimum of Certificate III level of competency. Current clinical carers at Juliana Village are RN’s Certificate IV and Certificate III.

Volunteering Enquiry

Juliana Village welcomes volunteers and recognises that volunteering is valuable and important service in our community particularly in the area of aged care.
Please call 02 9541 3400 for further information.