Fees & Charges
Fees & Charges

Residential Care

At Juliana Village, we provide residential care at our Sharpe House and Bruinsma premises. Each is a single room and has an en suite.

The Department of Health and Aged Care determines the fees and charges for residential and home care. The rates from 20 March 2023 are as follows:

Accommodation costs for Residential Care in our Sharpe House rooms and Bruinsma units can be paid either as a:

  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) which is currently $550,000 per room/unit; or,
  • a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) which is currently $111.38 per day;  or,
  • A combination of both part deposit/daily accommodation payment.

Residents have a period of 28 days after entering to decide on their payment method. Accommodation costs are determined by a resident’s assessable income and assets. Please note that retention payments do not apply to residential care.

Additional ongoing care fees for Sharpe House rooms and Bruinsma  units include:

  • Basic Daily Fee – payable by all residents and determined by the Federal Government. As at 20 March 2023 at $58.98 per day.
  • Means Tested Care Fee – will be determined by a resident’s assessable income and assets (and must be provided to Juliana Village by the resident/family when advised/changes alerted)
    • The value of your home will be assessed for the purpose of the Means Test Care Fee up to a cap of $193,219.20 unless occupied by a protected person such as your spouse.
    • Residents can spend up to 52 nights a year away from the aged care home without affecting any government financial assistance. This is called social leave and only counts if you spend the night away from the care home. If you spend more than 52 nights away from the home, the government will cease to pay any subsidies for the extra time and the home may ask you to pay more.

Independent Living Units

At Juliana Village we offer Independent Living options at both Logeman Court and Miranda Road/Bimbadeen Avenue. These units are available to over 55’s and feature either one or two bedrooms.

Incoming Contribution

Miranda Road Units
1 bedroom unit Downstairs $550,000
2 bedroom unit Upstairs $595,000
Downstairs $595,000
Bimbadeen Ave Units
2 bedroom unit Upstairs $595,000
Downstairs $595,000
Logeman Court Units
1 bedroom unit Upstairs $550,000
Downstairs $550,000
2 bedroom unit Upstairs $595,000
Downstairs $595,000


Ongoing Service charges for Independent Living are:

Recurrent charges $526.53 single and $634.57 a couple per month from 15 April 2023.(These fees are adjusted in accordance with the Department of Health and Ageing and increases passed on accordingly)

Retention fees – over five years.
All bonds are subject to a monthly retention. This retention fee is deducted from the original incoming contribution fee.

  • First year retention is 11% of incoming contribution
  • Second year retention is 6% of incoming contribution
  • Third year retention is 5% of incoming contribution
  • Fourth year retention is 4% of incoming contribution
  • Fifth year retention is 4% of incoming contribution

For further enquiries please call 02 9541 3400.